Do you make these yourself?  Yes!  We buy the raw nuts, add the finest ingredients of sugar and spices and roast them in a German nut roaster.

How long will they stay fresh?   Packages will be fresh for at least six weeks without any special attention.  If you wish to extend the life, you may refrigerate up to six months, or freeze indefinitely.

Won't they come out of the freezer mushy or sticky?  No!  They will be just as crisp as they were when they went in.

How can I make them taste like they just came out of the roaster?  Easy!  Just place as many nuts as your think you might serve on a microwave-safe plate and heat on 50% power for two minutes.  (I use my defrost setting for the same amount of time.)  This process will heat them through without melting the sugar.

Do you grow your own nuts?  No, we don't.  The nuts we use don't all grow in Arizona.  Besides, we have our hands full just doing the roasting and packaging, and going to the festivals.

Can we buy these in any stores?  No.  We pride ourselves in offering the freshest packages to our customers.  We find that we may not be able to gaurantee that in a store environment.  So look for us at a local event or here on-line.